Hello, We’re DCU Solar Racing

DCU Solar Racing is a newly established Stu​​​dent-led Organization within Dublin City University that is engineering Ireland’s first ever solar racing car.

We have a diverse team of approximately 40 Students from various disciplines who are working around the clock to design and build a fully functional high performance solar race car for the next European Solar Challenge.


What We Do

Pushing the Boundaries of Solar-Powered Vehicles

At DCU Solar Racing, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of solar-powered vehicle technology. Our team of passionate engineers and enthusiasts collaborate to design, build, and race solar vehicles that showcase the potential of renewable energy in transportation.

Innovative Vehicle Design

Our team takes pride in developing innovative vehicle designs that maximize energy efficiency and performance. From aerodynamics to lightweight materials, we focus on every aspect to create vehicles that are not only sustainable but also competitive on the race track.

Solar-Powered Racing Events

Participating in solar-powered racing events around the world is a key highlight of our work. We design our vehicles to excel in these challenging races, where strategy, teamwork, and cutting-edge technology come together to determine the winners. Through these events, we aim to inspire a greener and more sustainable future.

Community Outreach and Education

Beyond racing, we are committed to community outreach and education. We organize workshops, seminars, and events to raise awareness about renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and engineering. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and promote environmentally conscious practices.


Driving Innovation, Racing Sustainability

At DCU Solar Racing, our mission is to drive innovation in the field of sustainable transportation through solar-powered vehicles. We are dedicated to creating a brighter and greener future by showcasing the potential of renewable energy and cutting-edge engineering. Through our passion for solar technology and teamwork, we aim to lead the way in eco-friendly mobility solutions and inspire a global shift towards a more sustainable world.


The People Behind

DCU Solar Racing is powered by a passionate team of individuals. We are dedicated to our mission, constantly striving to meet and exceed expectations.

Evan Dargan Hayes

Connect with Evan Dargan Hayes

Evan Dargan Hayes

Team Manager

Sol Lee

Connect with Sol Lee

Sol Lee


Abul Hasan Ali

Connect with Abul Hasan Ali

Abul Hasan Ali

Business Lead

Harish Narayanan

Connect with Harish Narayanan

Harish Narayanan

Safety Officer

Ayden Jahola

Connect with Ayden Jahola

Ayden Jahola

Software Lead

Ruairi Bray

Connect with Ruairi Bray

Ruairi Bray

Technical Lead

Michael Svoboda

Connect with Michael Svoboda

Michael Svoboda

Electronics Lead

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