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Whether you're an engineering enthusiast, a sustainability advocate, or simply passionate about cutting-edge technology, DCU Solar Racing welcomes you to join our team. Together, we're driving innovation, fostering teamwork, and paving the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Join us to work with the latest advancements in solar energy and electric vehicle technology, contributing to a greener future.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with a diverse team of passionate students, engineers, and enthusiasts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Hands-On Experience

Get hands-on experience in designing, building, and optimizing solar-powered vehicles, putting theory into practice.

Competitive Racing

Participate in exhilarating solar racing competitions, showcasing your skills on national and international stages.

Sustainability Focus

Contribute to the sustainability movement by promoting clean energy and inspiring others to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Skill Development

Develop valuable skills in project management, engineering, teamwork, and problem-solving that will benefit your future career.

Journey Through Time

Oct 2022

Inception of DCU Solar Racing

In October 2022, students founded DCU Solar Racing to transform sustainable transportation, laying the foundation for Ireland's entry into solar racing.

Nov 2022

Inaugural Team Meeting

In November 2022, DCU Solar Racing held its inaugural team meeting, initiating collaborative efforts to outline the framework for their solar racing project.

Jan 2023

Start of Design Phase

In January 2023, DCU Solar Racing began its design phase, delving into the intricacies of designing Ireland's first solar race car.

Aug 2023

First Sponsor UrbanVolt

In August 2023, DCU Solar Racing achieved a milestone with UrbanVolt as its first sponsor, fostering collaborative synergy for sustainable goals.

Oct 2023

Start of Testing Phase

In October 2023, DCU Solar Racing conducted inaugural testing, gaining insights for their solar vehicle. Hands-on experimentation validated the manufacturing process.

Jan 2024

Design Review

In January 2024, DCU Solar Racing reached a key stage with the Design Review, receiving constructive feedback and expert evaluations on their designs.

primary speciality


iLumen European Solar Challenge

Racing overnight for 24 hours straight, teams have a chance to see what the car they built is capable of in the former F1 track, Circuit Zolder. This is a challenge of energy conservation and race strategy that pits Europe’s best solar racing teams against each other.

secondary speciality


The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Travelling over 3,000 kilometres, teams experience the terrain, landmarks and surroundings of the heart of Australia, and explore the offerings and uniqueness of outback Australian towns along the way.

Hear Directly From Our Team Members


Curious about the DCU Solar Racing experience? Learn about our team's perspective and insights as they share their thoughts and reflections.

Excited to lead an innovative Irish solar racing team, our diverse group shares a passion for sustainable technology. We're committed to designing and building top-notch solar vehicles that not only compete but also redefine renewable energy standards in transportation.

Evan Dargan Hayes
Evan Dargan Hayes

Team Manager

Designing solar-powered vehicles at DCU Solar Racing is a dream come true. It's a playground for innovation, and our projects are making a tangible impact on clean energy solutions.

Sol Lee
Sol Lee


Inspired by our team's ambition, I'm honored to create Ireland's first solar racing car. Beyond engineering, this project embodies collaboration, sustainability, and excellence, aiming to shape the future of sustainable transportation.

Abul Hasan Ali
Abul Hasan Ali

Business Lead

DCU Solar Racing leads in revolutionizing student-led projects, showcasing how young minds turn ideas into a high-powered vehicle. As the first Irish team on the track, our goal is to establish a strong presence in the racing world.

Harish Narayanan
Harish Narayanan

Safety Officer

DCU Solar Racing have been a great opportunity for me to apply my skills in a real-world environment. I have learned so much from my teammates and I am excited to see what we can achieve together.

Ayden Jahola
Ayden Jahola

Software Lead

I'm truly honoured to be a key member of DCU Solar Racing! Having the opportunity to work with some of Ireland's brightest young minds on developing new and innovative technology is a dream come true. Plus, who doesn’t want to build and drive a race car ?!

Ruairi Bray
Ruairi Bray

Technical Lead

DCU Solar Racing helps us contest what we learned against the merciless racetrack. We come for long nights and unfamiliar problems; we stay to come together and show beautifully how solar power succeeds. Ar aghaidh linn!

Michael Svoboda
Michael Svoboda

Electronics Lead

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